For me, the past 30 days felt like we were all working in a big garden. Each of us had our own planting bed in which to work. Every day you, Karina, gave us a seed to put in the ground. Some of them germinated quickly, others needed more care, attention and love. Every evening we could see the results, summarised in a beautiful word cloud.
The seed was laid and finally everything will blossom and give fruit.
And mother earth and the world will receive new seeds …. that can germinate again. Thank you Karina and Henri for this inspiring time!

Heide Roos Weiss Saukoriipi

I give the word “deepening” to this 4th 30-day MAP. While in the first MAP I sometimes had trouble getting a word to go with some of the drawings, now they come naturally. And together with the drawings they go on a journey with me. I get clues to what I am with and look for the symbolism of the things my drawing shows. I was introduced to dragon energy and many animal totems, including the dolphin and the whale, which dominated this time. Still reading the book “The Fire Goddess” which came up with my 2nd drawing. I think it is pure Magic and enjoyed it to the fullest again. And am still enjoying it. Thank you Karina. Thank you Henri. And thank you all who participated for those beautiful drawings.

Gerie Mulder

It was another great journey through the wax drawings and the words. In fact, I can’t and won’t live without them anymore. It’s just part of my daily routine in the morning, just like meditating and breathing. Karina your inspirations help me so much to get closer and closer to my Source through the drawings. But also so instructive and full of inspiration for myself. Magical what the drawings show me every time! Thank you Karina, Henri for the beautiful word clouds and all participants for these 30 days.

Ineke Meijboom-Baggerman van Houweninge

Thank you Karina for taking me on this journey again! Thank you Henri for the beautiful word clouds! These 30 days gave me extra support and I noticed that towards the end I got more into the flow and it reflected in my drawings. They came more and more from my heart. I am grateful and happy every time. ‘If you believe in magic you will find it’.

Els Floru

I experienced these past 30 days as a wonderful journey. It felt like a deepening journey on the previous times. The insights also came from deeper layers, which I really like. I find Karina’s guidance pleasant and respectful, creating space for development. Thank you Karina and Henri! I also liked the group to work in and share drawings! Thanks to everyone who made this journey possible. My next step is very clear.

Marike Liemburg

The past 30 days have been special and good for me. New insights and beautiful things coming together. Thank you for everything. All the beautiful wax drawings that came along and all the beautiful words that came into the word cloud every day. Wonderful Henri. Karina also thank you so much for the inspiring month.

Paulien Steenvoorden

These were special days again. Somehow, a lot happens during those 33 days. I got new insights and a huge shift happened inside me. A kind of next-level phase has arrived. Grateful to have received this again. Thank you all for the beautiful drawings. And thank you again Karina!

Karen Scheffers

It was the first time for me to participate. But how much I enjoyed it. And how happy I am to have found a new passion, besides my music. Finally I can work with colours, something I’ve wanted to do all my life, but didn’t know how. So yes…you could say I have a new addiction. And I will definitely continue with this. Thanks so much for the inspiration every time and the beautiful word clouds. I enjoyed them. This group also felt very nice to me. Thank you all so much!

Lisette Smit

I am so happy and grateful with and for my experiences during the 30 days. My husband, who chose himself not to continue living three weeks before starting this journey, was able to reach me through the drawings and give me the confidence that he was with me in only LOVE. This was so incredibly nice to feel and to be supported by him. It also allowed me to pass on messages from him to the loved ones around me. I am now sure that what I always have looked for actually exists. There is more than we can see! Thank you Karina for making this journey possible and Henri for the beautiful word clouds. Another person takes the next step in this life!


How wonderful it was to travel these 30 days plus that extra day with you in a circle of beeswax with women and one man. Thanks to all of you, I stepped out of my cocoon.
Thank you Karina for the inspiration. Thank you Henri for your beautiful word clouds. I will miss you….love, Hennie

Hennie Rooth – Alberts